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Home Blessings / Clearings

Each home has it's own unique energy, starting with the land it sits upon, the people who has resided in the home and over the years, a build up of emotions and energy accumulates. Just like a good spring cleaning cleans out clutter, at times it is a good practice to cleanse and refresh the home energetically. With the power of two healers, we incorporate the healing powers of the ying /yang balance of male and female energy, including shamanic healing practices, reiki energy, crystal healing, sound & vibrational healing via drum-flute-song, native medicine, feathers-smudging, as well as the energetic guides that work with us to empower our energy and guide us. A clearing is a blessing as it will bring in good fortune, better health, vitality, energy and create a more conducive environment. At the end of our session we will share our channeled spiritual messages with you that we received during the clearing/blessing. Any insights will be shared and sometimes remedies and notes are given to increase better vibration and healing. Your home is your haven and we value your privacy and everything we do and say is held in the upmost confidential manner. We respect you and your family and are grateful for your trust.

Monica - Reiki & Crystal Master & Intuitive Healer/Teacher

Monica has 18 years experience as an energetic balancer and intuitive healer. She channels healing light, Reiki and uses crystals to bring balance to your home and energy. With loving compassion, she brings in love, light, healing and balances the energy in your home and environment. She receives messages from Spirit, your guides and loved ones. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, able to hear, see and feel energy in all forms. She works with powerful guides, Angels, God, Ascendant Masters, First Nations, Star Nations, Animal totems and more.

Monica Reisinger

Pitt Meadows BC


Phone: 604-808-7033

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