Reconnecting You to Your Infinite Spark
Channeling Spirit

Connect with Loved Ones

Receive Messages From Spirit

Release & Healing Through the Love of Spirit

Find Solutions to Your Questions

Meet Your Soul Guides, Angels, Animal Totems, Etc

Enjoy 1-2hrs of Channeled Messages

$40 per person

Min 5 & Max. 10 people per event. Monica guides everyone through a short meditation to ground and center your energy allowing you to be open and clear to invite in your loved ones, guides and special messengers. Depending on how many people attend, duration of channeling lasts 1-2 hours and each person can ask one or two questions. Bring blanket, pillow and your favorite crystal if you wish. You are Deeply Loved and Spirit is waiting to connect with you!

Host Your Own Party – Host Receives their reading FREE

Monica Reisinger

Pitt Meadows BC


Phone: 604-808-7033

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