Reconnecting You to Your Infinite Spark
Crystal Healing

Ever wonder how the energy of crystals work? They say we are crystalline beings... We have an electromagnetic field that is very sensitive and similar to crystals. Each mineral emits a certain energy field much like our own auras. They emit this vibration easily and effectively over long periods of time. Much like the quartz crystals in a watch, an electrical current passes through the crystal, which allows it to pulsate and maintain a perfect beat – that pulse keeps that second hand ticking.

Crystals when programmed act similarly to carry our positive intentions into our auras, environment, the world and the universe and follow the laws of the attraction. Each mineral has its own healing energy and helps to balance our energy systems known as chakras, and heal gently yet powerfully all of the energy bodies - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Beginners Crystal Workshop – Introduction to Basic energy work - $150


Learn about Chakras (7 major energy centres in the body), their related colours and functions. Learn to use basic crystals for healing, increase your awareness and open your intuitive centre (third eye) through meditation and simple exercises. Learn to cleanse, place and program crystals for personal use on the body and in your environment. One day workshop.


Advanced Crystal Workshop – Teacher Mastery Course - $350


Learn more advanced skills for personal use as well as for teaching others. More theory as to how crystals work, learn to scan the aura and pick up on blockages and voids, learn how to cut cords, practise layouts on body and in grids. Learn how to hear and understand your crystal, much work done on an intuitive level. Prerequisite: Some form of energy healing like Reiki being clairvoyant, clairaudient or clairsentient would be helpful. Two Day Workshop.


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