Reconnecting You to Your Infinite Spark
Intuitive Readings

Each healing is unique for each client as guided by spirit, but all healings include Reiki, Crystal healing and Intuitive messages. A typical session will have you lying on your back, fully clothed on a comfortable massage table. With healing music in the background and a warm cozy blanket over you. Monica will scan your energy and

aura to see which crystals are needed and what area needs healing and balancing. Once the individual crystals are laid upon your body (anywhere from 10 to 30 or more and specially chosen for you). Monica begins with the Reiki session, starting at your head and finishing at your feet. This is an interactive session where Monica channels

messages from your and her higher selves and spirit guides for the duration of your session.

She is clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. She is open to receive messages from many energy forms including: Loved Ones, God, Angels, Native Energy, Animal Totems, Crystals, Reiki, Shamanic Healers, Ascendant Masters, Pleiadians, Star Nation, Mother Earth, Father Sky and many more. She is able to tune in to energy in person or via long distance.

Her messages provide deep insights into all areas of your life, including past, present and future. Your higher self orchestrates what is priority but you are always welcome to ask questions during the session. Past lives may be seen and if necessary – released so you can step forward to a more powerful you. Each session allows you to become

connected to your own love and light – your infinite spark. A reminder why you are here and how much you are loved. A true blend of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual release, healing and balance.


Monica can read all forms of energy, so whatever comes up in your session is expressed in private allowing you to hear, feel and see what she does through your own body. This is a sacred healing that your higher self and guides wish for you to receive. Monica has the upmost love, trust and compassion in each healing session and always

provides safety and confidentiality.


One hour sessions: $125


(Available in person or long distance via email / skype / telephone).

Pet Healings

Pets need balancing too! Being in our environments, they are like children, little absorbers of energy! They tend to feel our anxieties, stress, tension and know when we are angry, sad, happy and not well. Each healing includes Reiki energy and intuitive messages via your pet’s higher self, guides etc..use of crystals may be used if pet lays still. Healings can be done in person or via long distance. Monica simply connects with the energy of your pet, whether in front of her, in another room or different city/country. You will get full details on what your pet is thinking and feeling. Overall health is checked and all chakras will be brought back into balance. Any info on blockages, release, health, aura, past lives etc....will be provided.


Pet Healing Half hour session: $50 (2-3 questions answered)


Pet Healing One hour session: $80 (4-6 questions answered)

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