Reconnecting You to Your Infinite Spark
Intuitive Training

Learn to How to Receive Messages from Spirit.


Interested in hearing, seeing or feeling spirit? Monica can teach you private one on one or group sessions in how to open your third eye, your intuitive center and understand how you receive messages from spirit. Learn basics in grounding, connecting and learn how to interpret the many symbols the spirit can show you. How do you sense spirit?


Monica’s ability to see, hear and feel can help and guide you in a gentle and safe environment to practice and learn channeling, mediumship etc. She will assist you in receiving messages and help you to understand the many forms of communication spirit has to offer to give you more guidance, control and trust in your life.


By strengthening your intuitive muscles, you become more comfortable in talking, seeing and hearing spirit and build confidence in yourself to trust your own intuition.


Private Individual Session $60 -  One Hour $60 (in person or via online)


Private Individual Monthly (4 x 1hr sessions: in person or via online)

                                                   Special $200 (Reg. $240)


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