Reconnecting You to Your Infinite Spark

Monica teaches individual and group meditations at various locations throughout the Tri-cities and Vancouver area. Please contact her for a list of classes and times. Each meditation lasts for approximately one hour and includes Reiki Energy, Crystal Healing and channeled meditation uniquely blended for each class.

More than just a meditation! This is a deep healing experience for your mind, body and soul. Whether seated or laying down, take time for yourself to rejuvenate, fill up with much needed energy and healing. Restore and balance the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Monica’s intuitive skills allow her to sense the persons / groups energy and channel the meditations as needed to bring greater peace and healing to all levels of being. Each meditation varies slightly, however, some focus is based on grounding and elevating ones vibrations to the higher dimensions as well as balancing the seven major energy centers of the body, known as chakras. This allows the release of tension, stress and energy blockages, creating more energy, harmony and balance for a healthier you!


Become more connected to your body, your higher awareness, to All that is. You will feel different after just one class.

Much information and healing is received through the cells of your body and downloaded. You of course will benefit and so will the rest of your life. When you are in balance, the whole world benefits! You can then spread your bliss into the rest of your world, including home, work, friends, family and loved ones.


Release: Pain, Stress, Blocked Emotions and Energy, Negativity, Unwanted Thoughts, Insomnia, Anxiety, Fear, Anger, Sadness, Grief


Increase: Energy, Positivity, Clarity, Peace, Joy, Well Being, Bliss, Enlightenment, Spiritual Connection


Group and Individual classes offered.


Individual Meditation/Session: Relax in the privacy of a one on one meditation where Monica focuses specifically on you and what you would like to achieve in your life. Whether it is attracting greater abundance or more peace into your life, working on past lives, restructuring thought patterns into more positive mindsets – she will guide you through a beautiful and unique visualization just for you. Working one on one allows you to grow at your own speed without the interruption of others. This is an extraordinary experience as Monica can share deeper and private insights, helping you to release unwanted thoughts and emotions that no longer serve you....bringing out a stronger you! Meditation is one hour in duration, however each session can last longer as it includes personal messages and guidance.


Private Individual Sessions: One Hour $40 (in person or via online)


Private Individual Monthly (4 x 1hr sessions: in person or via online) Special $140 (Reg. $160)


Group Drop In: $25 per person (available upon request, 5-10 people minimum required)


Group Monthly Packages: (Includes 4 x 1hr classes, 1 class once a week) $80 per person (Reg. $100)

                                                   (available upon request, 5-10 people minimum required)


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