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Pet Healing Sessions - with intuitive messages

Since pets are in our environment and some things are out of their control...they tend to pick up stresses, disease, illness, imbalances and hold in their bodies. Animals are natural healers. They help us process and balance energies in our bodies and environment continually. More often than not, they can carry ‘our human stuff’. Monica helps your pet/s release unwanted/excess energy and let go of attachments. She offers deeper insights as to how to better understand and change certain situations/behaviours. After a session you may notice that you pet is more relaxed, happy and share a deeper connection. Monica uses various forms and modalities of healing energy that help with many of the following...




- Aligning Muscular/Skeletal Systems, General Aches & Pains, Inflammation


- Releasing Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Depression, Clearing Energy Blockages


- Assisting Pets to Heal After Loss of another Pet, Abandonment Issues, Loneliness


- Balance Mental/Emotional/Physical/Spiritual Bodies (Aura & Chakras)


- Calming Behavioral Issues (Animals that have experienced abuse or trauma, shelter animals to help adjust them to new environment and family)


- Offering Comfort/Faster Healing of Broken Bones, Soft Tissue Damage, Recovery Time


- Comforting Pet with Disease (Easing Changes/Transition, Offering Better Quality of Life)


- What Lessons & Gifts You & Your Pet Teach Each Other, Soul Contract, Past Lives


Sessions include: Full BODY Intuitive energy scan: including aura (energy field), chakras (7 energy centers in body), overview of emotional-mental-physical-spiritual bodies. Session includes energy balancing and release and may include healing crystals, colour therapy and Reiki energy. Sessions are safe and work with traditional and other forms of pet care.




Pet Reading/Healing: 1 hour session: $90 (up to 6 in depth questions answered) (Available in person or long distance via email or telephone, skype)


All Monica Needs is a picture and name of your pet. She can connect energetically to your pet/s and has worked locally and across the world with many wonderful animals.


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