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Intuitive Pet Readings

Ever Wonder What Your Pets Think, Feel & Want to Say to You?


Monica has 6 pets of her own, lives in Pitt Meadows and is an intuitive animal communicator/energy balancer. She works with all breeds, sizes (from canaries to horses). Her abilities to connect help both pet and owner to better understand each other’s wants and needs. Animals are naturally intuitive and at times they have important messages to share with us. When a pet is not happy about something – whether emotionally, mentally, spiritually or can create energy blockages which can cause stress, disease, illness and other imbalances - including behavioral issues. Monica can offer valuable insights to you and your pet and can answer many of your questions regarding their health and well being. She can contact missing pets and beloved pets on the other side.


Monica will share your pets thoughts/concerns/feelings with you and also share yours with your pet. This enables greater communication and a feeling of peace, balance and better health for all concerned.




- Overall Health and Wellbeing, Are they Happy, Do they like their Food, Are they lonely, Happy in Home?


- Behavior (Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Chewing, Biting, Scratching, Urinating/Eliminating in non-bathroom areas, Fighting with other pets, Like Pet Companions, Barking, Depression etc.)


- Health (understand disease/illness: why created, root cause, higher perspective)


- What Lessons & Gifts You & Your Pet Teach Each Other, Soul Contract, Past Lives


- Communicating with Pets in Heaven (Receive messages from beloved pets, are they alright, are they with us, did        they feel pain, where are they now, who are they with?)


Pet Reading: 1 hour session: $60 (up to 6 in depth questions answered) (Available in person or long distance via email or telephone, skype).


All Monica Needs is a picture and name of your pet. She can connect energetically to your pet/s and has worked locally and across the world with many wonderful animals.


To assist your pets health and overall wellness - Monica recommends to receive both reading & healing at same time....typically when a pet starts communicating, one or more energy bodies shift (emotional/mental/spiritual/physical) and therefore require release and balancing. During readings, energy blockages are seen and felt by


Monica and it is difficult for her to ignore the healing process. Just the act of reading a pet, creates an energetic shift is his/her body. A pet doesn’t need to be ill in order to require healing. Simply put: We all need balancing from time to time and so do pets. For Healing...please read for more info below.


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