Reconnecting You to Your Infinite Spark

Each session is unique for each client and is guided by your higher self and Spiritual Guides. These sessions include Reiki Energy, healing Crystals and Intuitive messages which help to align the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional bodies. A typical session will have you seated in a comfortable chair in a private healing room. There is healing music in the background, warm tea, aromatherapy sprays to soothe and create peace.


Monica will scan your energy and aura intuitively and connects with your higher self and guides to see what is most important during your session. Monica channels energy and light from your Divine Source, which allows you to reconnect to all that you are and recognize that you are the healer in your life. She teaches in a gentle yet powerful way how to redirect the energy in your body-mind-soul-life to flow in the direction you wish. She teaches the power of transformation, how to rewrite your scripts and clear unwanted thoughts, patterns and energy. Also included are scripts to focus on your intentions, power of manifestation of your hearts truest and deepest wishes. This is an interactive session. You are free to communicate and ask questions during your session.


She is clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. She is open to receive messages from many energy forms including: Loved Ones, God, Angels, Native Energy, Animal Totems, Crystals, Reiki, Shamanic Healers, Ascendant Masters, Pleiadians, Star Nation, Mother Earth, Father Sky and many more. She is able to tune in to energy in person or via long distance.


Her messages provide deep insights into all areas of your life, including past, present and future. Your higher self always is in control and shows Monica what is most important at this time. Like peeling an onion, people have layers and our higher selves dictate which ones are ready to shed. Past lives may be seen and if necessary – understood so you can step forward to a more powerful you. Each session allows you to become connected to your own love and light – your infinite spark. A reminder why you are here and how much you are loved. Sessions bring a lot of clarity to your spiritual path/journey and reason what your soul needs to be happy. Remember your deep inherent truth. The Universe has kept records and reminds you...are you listening?


Monica guides you to become your own healer. You will be able feel as energy shifts through your body. You will gain a greater understanding as how your aura/chakras, organs and energy systems work in your body. Sessions raise your vibration and allow you to step into the NEW YOU! You will experience greater intuition, clarity, connection and trust in your process and journey. Monica creates a sacred healing space for you, infused with lots of love and compassion. Her promise is to provide a safe place for you to share and promises safety and confidentiality.


One hour sessions: $150 (Available in person or long distance via email or telephone, skype).


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