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Varicose and Spider Vein Treatments

Quartz tipped Colour Penlight - With Colour / Crystal Healing Technology Reduces Appearance of Varicose and Spider Veins!

Session One

Before Treatment #1 (Visible Purple/Black Discoloration at Ankles)

Session One

Taken After Treatment #1(Significantly Less Discoloration)

Session Two

Two – Taken After Treatment #2 (Ankles Appear 70-80% Better. Veins Dramatically Diminished! Skin is Changing Back to Normal Skin Tone Colour)

Caution: Veins may disappear before your very eyes! See Veins diminish after 1-2 treatments! Irradiating Veins with this crystal and colour technology, along with healing oils – Results may vary, but people who have been embarrassed and suffered silently for years can now find a healing, non-invasive solution! No Needles, No Surgery, No Pain!


All Treatments Include:  Crystal Colour Penlight...

Application of healing essential oils that benefit skin, promote nerve rejuvenation, promote circulation, Reiki Healing Energy, Crystal Healing, Colour-Aromatherapy and much more.

Illuminate the true Beautiful You!



First Time Offer - 1.0hr - $75   (Regularly $100 – For Half Legs)

First Time Offer - 1.5hr - $100 (Regularly $150 – For Full Legs)


I am a 62 woman who has had serious Vein issues for many years.  I have seen numerous specialists including going through treatment with a Vascular Surgeon (18 months on a waiting list).  My ankles were so bad that it looked like someone had taken a hammer to them and was told by specialists that there was nothing they could do!  After only One Treatment with Monica, I can honestly say that the results were in a word “astonishing”.  After Two treatments, my right ankle is completely clear and my left is so diminished that I am happy to report that I can finally start wearing dresses again.   I cannot recommend this treatment enough!  Thank you Monica!

Sandra R.

Maple Ridge

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Monica Reisinger

Pitt Meadows BC


Phone: 604-808-7033

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