Reconnecting You to Your Infinite Spark

Monica teaches workshops on/off depending on interest and availability.


She offers the following:


- Reiki Level I, II, III Master Level


- Intuitive Training (Channeling / Mediumship)


- Crystal Healing (Beginners & Advanced)


- Intuitive Painting / Art Therapy


- Meditations (Private Individual or Group)


- Drumming Journey (Meet Your Animal Totem/s)


- Meet Your Guides, Angels, Loved Ones


- Balancing Chakras, Aura, Mental/Physical/Emotional/Spiritual Bodies


- Astral Travel to Special Healing Vortexes, Connect to Universe


- Connect to Your Inner You, Higher Self – Raise Vibration & Awareness


- Find Solutions & Gain Peace – See Higher Perspective


- When Divinely Inspired – Many More Creative Workshops (Check Back)


Please call her for more information, dates / times when these and other workshops are available. If you have any ideas on what you would like to learn, please send Monica an email.

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